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By adding the interactive services of Microsoft Agent to your applications and Web pages, you can include animated actors that respond to users to guide, assist, entertain, and more! Agents can make applications and Web sites more interactive, easier to use, and more fun to explore. Microsoft Agent supports speech recognition and speech output so that you can build conversational interfaces that let users talk to characters and let characters talk back.

You can now purchase the leading development library for developing standalone interactive agent applications. Whether you are looking to develop a complete application, or simply add an interactive agent to your existing application, HelpAgent will save you countless hours of development and testing. HelpAgent supports 28 different Microsoft Agent characters, and over 130 different animations.  

There simply is no faster method of integrating interactive agents into your application. Interactive agents can be integrated into your application in as little as 3 function calls. No mess, no hassle, and no dealing with those messy COM interfaces.

What HelpAgent offers:
    • Support for over 130 animations
    • Support for 28 different Microsoft Agent characters
    • Ability to determine if Microsoft Agent files are installed
    • Ability to determine Microsoft Agent character directory
    • Ability to determine the number of local characters installed
    • Ability to determine if your requested agent supports an animation
    • Ability to navigate Web pages
    • Ability to retrieve data from a Web page
    • Ability to designate the directory to use Microsoft Agent characters
    • Ability to program and concurrently use multiple characters
    • Ability to control agent animations, movements and speech

Users of Macromedia Authorware 4.0 - 5.2 can now leverage the tremendous power and flexibility of HelpAgent to include Microsoft Agent functionality into their scripts. HelpAgent for Authorware is built as a 32-bit UCD file, which accesses the HelpAgent dynamic link library to provide access to most of HelpAgent's functions. 

Go to our download page to get a demo of the HelpAgent UCD. Visit Microsoft's Agent web page to learn about the Microsoft Agent ActiveX control, speech engines, and sample character files. (Note: Version 6 of Authorware can now access the Agent control; a third-party tool such as HelpAgent is not needed.) 


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