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GanTek Multimedia is now shipping version 2.01 of the 401(k) Presentation System™, the premier multimedia software application for generating customized 401(k) enrollment presentations. Whether you are an insurance agent, an investment counselor, or a third party administrator, the 401(k) Presentation System™ is an ideal tool for providing 401(k) plan education to employees and for motivating those employees to enroll in the plan.

With the 401(k) Presentation System™ you can create a spectacular multimedia presentation customized with your client's unique plan data. In minutes you can enter dozens of plan specs into the Presentation Builder which in turn is used by the Show Module to deliver a unique presentation for each and every client.

Using high resolution images, animation, and sound, the software enables you to effectively communicate topics such as "Sources of Retirement Income", "Time Value of Money", "Effect of Inflation", "Power of Compounding", and "Risk Tolerance". Interactive screens are included to help you get your audience involved. Run live calculations and draw bar graphs on the fly with the data they provide!

Presentation Builder
Presentation Builder ScreenThe Presentation Builder enables a 401(k) administrator or marketer to quickly customize the presentation resulting in a show customized to the plan. Plan data that can be tailored includes:

• Name of organization making presentation
• Name of trustee
• Company name
• Plan name
• Plan year
• Minimum months of service
• Minimum age
• Plan entry dates
• Calendar year salary deferral limit
• Matching contribution
• Maximum match
• I.R.C. 415 limits
• Employee mandatory contribution
• Profit sharing contribution
• Money purchase plan contribution
• Booster
• Vesting: Employer match, Profit Sharing, Money Purchase
• Loan limit
• Aggregate loan limit
• Minimum loan amount
• Maximum repayment period
• Interest rate
• Repayment method
• Effect of termination/leave of absence
• Loan processing time/fee
• Benefit payment options
• Frequency of deferral & invest. changes
• Normal retirement age
• Hardship withdrawals
• Voice response system simulation
• Investments
    - Permits entry of hundreds of options
    - Investment name
    - Up to 8 key points
    - Asset class
    - Risk category
    - Performance history
    - Asset allocation table
    - Performance for each asset/risk class
    - Equity history table

Presentation Builder features include:
    • Tailoring of photographs type to audience
    • Choice of sound effects or import your own
    • Print reports associated with presentation

Show Module
Cost of Waiting ScreenThe Show Module reads the data file created with the Presentation Builder, resulting in a show customized to the client. Topics include:

• Social Security
• Personal Savings & Investments
• Employer-Sponsored Plans
• Getting Started
• Midway
• Nearing retirement
• Inflation: Your Enemy
• Power of Compounding
• Cost of Waiting
• Flexible
• Painless
• Tax Deferred
• Limits
• Basic Plan Data
• Plan Contributions
• Vesting
• Benefit Payments
• Plan Loans
• Hardship Withdrawals
• If You Leave...
• Investment Options
• Selecting Investments
- Investment Classes
    - Asset Allocation
    - Risk Tolerance
    - Dollar Cost Averaging
• Account information

Show Module features include:
    • Voice response system simulation
    • High quality images, sound, animation
    • Elegant and consistent interface
    • Powerful navigation, hide/show buttons
    • Topic map enables direct jump to topic
    • Interactive "on-the-fly" chart drawing
    • Paycheck calculator
    • Toggle sound on-the-fly
    • Display your/client's logo on opening screen
    • Display your own opening video clip
    • Self-run mode
    • Import your benefit statement/enrollment form

In addition to group presentations, the 401(k) Presentation System™ can effectively be used:
    • As a sales tool when meeting with prospective plan sponsors
    • Individually by employees
    • As a self-running kiosk at trade shows

GanTek Multimedia provides a liberal site license with your purchase of the 401(k) Presentation System™. We also offer a revenue-generating distribution license; the distribution license permits you to leave the presentation with the plan sponsor after the show for the company's own internal use. You, in turn, can charge a service fee to the employer for providing the company with this benefit; no additional fees or royalties are due to GanTek Multimedia.

To receive a free* working model on CD-ROM (for Windows 3.1/95/98/NT) call us at (800) 478-3242 or e-mail your request to:

* The 401(k) Presentation System is designed exclusively for U.S. Internal Revenue Service Code Section 401(k) retirement savings plans. It is not applicable to any other type of retirement plan, either within or outside the U.S. We only ship the free working model to addresses within the 50 U.S. states. If you are outside the U.S. but would still like to receive a working model CD-ROM, please send your request along with a check payable to GanTek Multimedia for $35.00 (USD) to the address listed on our contact page.


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